Corian® by OVSCO

Corian is a unique solid surface material made from an advanced blend of natural minerals and acrylic polymer. Since it's creation 35 years ago, Corian has proven itself to be a remarkably durable, versatile material that’s easy to live with in both residential and commercial environments. Today, Corian is used for kitchen countertops, vanities, and shower surrounds, as well as wall cladding, toilet partitions, signage, elevator cladding and much more! Learn more about Corian on the OVSCO website »

Here are just a few of the unique benefits of Corian:

  • Expressive: With over 130 colors, three finishes, and special touches like inlays, coved backsplashes, and edge treatments, Corian is a designer's dream material.
  • Formable: The versatility of Corian adds to its appeal. You can cut it, carve it, rout it, drill it, sculpt it, bend it, thermoform it, backlight it -- if you can imagine it; chances are you can create it with Corian!
  • Easy to work with: Corian offers design versatility, function, and durability far beyond the scope of conventional materials; yet Corian surfaces can be fabricated with traditional tools and techniques.
  • Durable: Corian survives the impacts, nicks and cuts that mar most surfaces. It lasts a long, long time, postponing the need for costly tear-out and replacement.
  • Stain-resistant & easy to clean: Because Corian is nonporous, liquids and stains can't penetrate. Soapy water can clean most dirt and residue so it&'s easy to clean, whatever the spill.
  • Green & environmentally friendly: Learn more about Corian's green technology »


All information and photos are from the Ovsco website.

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