Artistic Nesting

At Advanced Surfaces, our stone slab artisans use Artistic Nesting techniques with Slabsmith™ software to produce state-of-the-art results. Slabsmith™ redefines the possibilites and potentials when working with natural stone products. Now with artistic nesting software, you can visualize exactly what your project will look like before you purchase the material. Take a look at the video below or click here to see Slabsmith in action!



How Does Artistic Nesting Work?

  • Step 1 - High Resolution Photos are taken of every slab in our inventory. These photos are processed by special software which removes all aspherical distortion from the camera lens and adjusts the image for grey scale.
  • Step 2 - One of our designers will take your analog drawing of your project and convert the drawing with CAD software into parts that represent your kitchen.
  • Step 3 - The parts are placed on the slab and moved around until you, our customer, is happy with the layout. It takes very little effort to nest your project on different color slabs in our inventory so that you can see all your options.
  • Step 4 - Enjoy the results and shop with confidence that what you expect is what you will get. This information is given to so that you can share it with your fabricator of choice.


All information and photos are from the Slabsmith™ website.

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